Node.js beginner getting started books.

Node.js is become more reliable and comfortable to every Javascript professionals. Before you started with Node.js, you must be familer with Javascript.

Today, in this post i have put some Node.js, which can be great starting for you.

The Node Beginner Book

This book talking about all basic structure and rules about Node.js. You can get a clear basic concept from this book.
Read this book here!

Mastering Node.js

Another good book of Node.js, which bring you from novice to advanced.
Download this book Here

Up and Running with Node.js

At last, It is the professional voice on Node.js has published by O'really Media. Easy to understand and human readable code have used their.
Read this book.

Hands-on Node.js 
Very Cheap Node.js book ever published. Now it is multiprocessing to publishing.  You can read this book detail here.

JavaScript Patterns
 Mostly recommend Javascript book from every expert when you will getting started with node.js. 
Get this book here.  

So,Keep with us for all latest release,resource and tutorial of Node.js. Thank you!

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